Northeast (Fort Wayne) Region Administration

Ivy Tech Community College Northeast
3800 N. Anthony Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
(888) IVY-LINE
Chancellor's Office  
Jerrilee K. Mosier, Ed.D. Chancellor
Jeffrey Smith Director, Institutional Research
Susan Divers Regional Administrative Assistant

Chancellor's Cabinet  
William (Chris) Cathcart Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Clifford M. Clarke Executive Director, Computer and Technology Services
Valerie A. Eakins Executive Director, Administration
Laura Edwards Executive Director, Resource Development
Donna J. Marr Executive Director, Human Resources
Cathy Maxwell Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
Jeffrey Smith Director, Institutional Research
Andrew Welch Executive Director, Marketing and Communications

Academic Affairs  
Cathy Maxwell Vice Chancellor
Candace Schladenhauffen Assistant Vice Chancellor
Stewart Bauserman Dean, School of Public and Social Services
Dean, School of Education
Kim Barnett-Johnson Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Elaine Novak Dean, School of Business
Jewel Diller Dean, School of Nursing
Karen Jones Dean, School of Applied Science and Engineering Technology
Tova Wiegand Green Dean, School of Health Sciences
John Walter Dean, School of Technology
Tim Becker Director, Academic Affairs Support Services
Dawn Bon Ami Director, Academic Affairs Support Services/Dual Credit
Tim Tappan Director, Academic Resources
Todd Nichols Director, Disability Services
Sharon Hultquist Director, Library
Anne Michel Assistant Director, Community Outreach
Lisa Smith Assistant Director, Community Outreach (South)
Tanya Young Assistant Director, Community Outreach (North)
Kimberly Myers Coordinator of Non-Traditional Programs

Computer and Technology Services
Clifford M. Clarke Executive Director
Andaz Ahmad Director, Instructional Technology
Scott Kiser Director, Network Administration and Telecommunications

Jack Willis Executive Director, Facilities
Dave Butler Assistant Director
Douglas Winicker Assistant Director
Patricia Oetinger Project Coordinator

Valerie A. Eakins Executive Director, Administration
Corey Scherschel Director, Financial & Business Services
Janell Hendrickson Bursar
Jenny Kissel Assistant Director of Payroll and Inventory
Gaylord Moore Gaines Administrative Services Manager
Samuel Bolden Food Services Manager

Human Resources  
Donna J. Marr Executive Director
Tim Deming Director
Andrew Adams Director, Security and Safety

Marketing and Communications
Andrew Welch Executive Director
Sandra Fouty Assistant Director, Print and Online Communications
Jaclyn Garver Assistant Director, Media/Public Relations and Target Marketing
Aja Michael Assistant Director, Community Engagement and Special Events
Dane Hawley Copy Writer/Editor
Mary Jo Toenges Marketing and Events Specialist

Resource Development
Laura M. Edwards Executive Director
Barbara Jones Grant Writing Coordinator
Tim Bredemeyer Resource Development Assistant

Student Affairs
William (Chris) Cathcart Vice Chancellor
Daysha Jackson Assistant Vice Chancellor
Robyn Boss Director, Admissions
Danielle Witzigreuter Director, Academic Advising
Robert (Joe) McMichael Director, Career Services
Norman Newman Director, Financial Aid
Christina O'Brien Director, Student Life
Beth Clemens Director, TRiO
Timothy Ross Director, Express Enrollment Center
Cari Hoffman-Knuth Student Support Professional
Kari Overmyer Student Support Professional
Alisa Perry Student Support Professional
Meaghan Ritchey Student Support Professional
Mara Wolff Student Support Professional
Amy Johnston Registrar
Claudia Alexander Assistant Director, Admissions
Emily Knickrehm Assistant Director, Admissions
Victoria York Assistant Director, Career Services
Diana Jackson Assistant Director, Diversity Affairs
Karen Kepler Assistant Director, Academic Advising Center
Cari Foust Assistant Registrar
Shelley Parson Assistant Director, Academic Advising Center
Jennifer Spurlock Assistant Director, Admissions
Joshua Smith Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Terri Vasquez Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Sam Whitton Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Ivy Tech Corporate College
Scott Wilson Corporate College Account Executive
Stephanie Hilton Corporate Engagement Coordinator
Christine Garrett Project Coordinator/National Aviation Consortium
Kathy Schrock Project Consultant
Scott Walter Program Manager, Corporate College
Lynell Sparks Workforce Certification & Assessment Manager
Travis Decker Workforce Certification & Assessment Coordinator