Student Success

Ivy Tech can help you get a good paying job in the field you want - or help you achieve other educational and personal goals. Currently the largest post-secondary institution in Indiana, Ivy Tech strives to accommodate and encourage a diverse student population in a wide array of educational and career goals.

Tricia Alleyn

While most Ivy Tech graduates, about 79%, seek to complete a degree or certificate programs, many students come to Ivy Tech for self-improvement and enrichment purposes. Over half want to re-enter the job market with fresh, valuable skills, and 34% make it a goal to transfer credits to a four year college or University. In a recent survey, 91% of 2007 graduates said Ivy Tech helped them reach these and other goals - getting a solid start toward their fulfilling their ambitions.

Here are some other things '07 graduates had to say:

  • 97% said Ivy Tech was helpful for them in achieving a self-improvement goal
  • 90% said the college contributed to improving a skill for their current job
  • About two-thirds are employed full time and over half of them say they are "very satisfied" with their current job
  • Nearly 9 out of 10 said the training they received at Ivy Tech was "Excellent" or "Good"

Statistics provided by 2006-2007 Graduate Survey, prepared by RM Insight, Inc.

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